Fine Tooth Beech Wood Beard Comb

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Your beard comb should look great and feel even better, so we designed our combs ergonomically feel great for a more enjoyable grooming routine.

Our beechwood comb is built to last while its wooden teeth eliminate static and therefore reducing hair damage for a healthier more majestic looking beard.
Regular use of our comb will not only result in a well-groomed beard but the spreading of your hairs natural oils helps to result in thicker and stronger hair growth.
First apply any lotions or supplements you wish to add by massaging them into your beard.
Next take your comb and starting from the bottom of your beard working in small sections go from the root of your hair to the tip brushing outward in the opposite direction of your beards growth.

Slowly work your way up from the bottom of your beard or the base of your neck to your cheeks and moustache.
Working your beard this way allows you to separate your facial hair and will give your beard a fuller and thicker appearance.
If you reach any snags along the way do not pull or tug at them and instead gently comb through them (Sometimes you may have to select a smaller are to work through the knot).
From this point you can begin styling your beard by brushing it down into the shape you’d like.
Hand made beechwood brush oiled and treated to ensure a long life.
Includes 1x Beechwood Men's Beard and Moustache Comb
8.7cm x 3.5cm