Olive Wood & Boar Bristle Hairbrush

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Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand our eco-friendly board bristle brush turns brushing your hair into a luxurious and classy experience.

It is no secret that boar bristle brushes are the best care product for your hair and scalp. Our premium-grade boar bristles help distribute your hairs hair’s natural oils which minimizes frizz whilst adding natural shine and volume.

We use high quality olive wood which, as well as looking amazing, is perfect for absorbing heat and in turn reducing the damage to your hair.

Boar bristles are great for all hair types, whether curly, straight or wavy these bristles are a must have for dry and damaged hair.

Every brush in our hairbrush range is designed at salon standards, prioritise using this brush daily to ensure even distribution of your hairs natural oils.

Ensure that your hair is dry, when using high quality boar bristles it is important that your hair is dry to prevent ripping and tearing. Brushing your hair whilst wet is also proven to cause split ends and ultimately weaken your hair

For the best results start with a wide-tooth comb to lightly detangle your hair to avoid any knots

Choose a section of your hair, usually with a boar bristle brush we would recommend bending over slightly and starting from the back of your hair slowly working your way to the front standing up as you go.

Begin brushing from root to tip working all the way down to create a shiny and bouncy look.


Made using high quality Olive wood, premium natural boar bristles and a rubber cushion
Includes: 1 x Lilywoods Olive Wood Hairbrush
Length 25cm
Width 4.5cm