Angled Soft Nail Brush

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Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand this eco friendly nail brush makes use of angled bristles paired with a side of short, soft bristles resulting in a quick and efficient clean.

Ideal for sensitive skin this brush uses softer cactus bristles for an ultimate clean without irritating your skin.

Our premium quality bristles result in a stunning looking nail brush with a long life of removing hard to reach dirt. Our top side contains shorter more firm bristles allowing a deep exfoliation without risk of scratching or irritation.

The base of this aesthetic nail brush is crafted from a single piece of wood moulded into a comfortable shape and finished with a double coating of wax creating a stunning gleam and protecting the brush from water to guarantee a long lifespan free from cracking.


Firstly, soak your hands under a warm tap, if your hands are very dirty then give them a quick wash with the other hand to remove large bits of dirt.

Soak the bristles under a warm tap to allow them to absorb the water and soften the tips to avoid scratching.

Add your choice of hand soap or cleaning product onto the nail brush. (if you are using the brush to exfoliate use an exfoliating or moisturizing cream for the best results.)

Hold the brush in a downwards position and using the diagonal bristles, move the brush back and forth to reach the dirt from underneath your nails. 

Once all of the dirt has been removed from under your nails switch to the top of the brush for the front of your nails working the nail brush in a circular buffing motion. (For the top of the nail and the rest of your hand we advise using the longer softer bristles.)


Made from Wood and Cactus bristles with a dual wax coating

INCLUDES — 1 x Lilywoods Dual-Sided Hands and Nail Brush for Bath Cleaning Scrubbing and Exfoliate 

Length 10cm

Width 4cm