Military Style Olive Wood Boar Bristle Beard and Hair Brush

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Our military styled hair and beard brush is a must have tool for any hair or beard care routine. As well as having a stunning olive wood base this brush uses salon quality boar bristle brushes which is ideal for making hair appear healthier and fuller.


Although this brush is more popular with men, it is a perfect brush for all hair lengths and types from short beards to long thick hair and everything in between. The premium naturally sourced boar hairs are unparalleled in their ability to distribute your hairs natural oils and any supplements evenly encouraging strong and natural growth.


Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand this brush is also extremely comfortable to use.



Ensure that your hair is dry before brushing as brushing wet hair can result in knots, tears and damage to your hair


When brushing your hair start from the back working from the base of your hair all the way to the tips in a slow and smooth motion, this will allow the brush to distribute your hairs essential oils more evenly.

If you are brushing you beard first add any lotions you plan on using (if any) and then just as with the hair work from the base all the way to your tip styling it how you would like to style it as you go.



Includes 1x 100% Natural Olive Wood and Boar Bristle Brush


This Brush is hand crafted using olive wood and 10 rows of high quality boar bristles


11.3cm x 6.3cm