Travel Size Boar Bristle Hairbrush with Nylon Pins

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This stunning hairbrush is made from a premium waterproof olive wood, designed specifically for comfortable hair brushing.

Using a combination of high-quality boar bristles and plastic styling pins, this brush is ideal for dry and damaged hair. This pairing allows you to easily detangle even fine hairs without risking any damage. The extra-long plastic pins detangle even the thickest of hair while providing an unbelievable head massage.

The brush helps hair by distributing your natural oils meaning your hair will look fuller, healthier and require less washes.

We ensure all our hair brushes are up to salon quality to deliver only the absolute best to our customers.

The olive wood base delivers unique and beautiful textures which is one of the extra steps which places our brush truly in a league of its own.


Although the plastic bristles used in this brush are for detangling, it is still advised that you do not use this brush on wet hair. Wet hair brushing is known to cause dead ends and other issues.
Once you have dried your hair begin working in small sections starting at the back by leaning your head forward and slowly work your way to the front of your head.
To ensure the best results, work the hair brush all the way from your scalp to the tip of the hair allowing you to ensure the best spread of your hairs natural oils, giving it a shinier and healthier appearance.


Crafted from olive wood using a rubber cushion, naturally sourced premium boar bristles and nylon styling pins

1 x Lilywoods Travel Size Hairbrush

Length 12cm
Width 4cm