Natural Beechwood Baby Comb

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When buying a baby comb, it is important that you choose correctly. As well as being eco-friendly our beechwood comb is specifically designed to eliminate static and spread your hairs natural oils, resulting in a healthier and stronger head of hair.

The elimination of static further protects hair from pulling and breaking, allowing you to promote growth and longer lasting hair.

All our hair products are designed to spread naturally occurring oils to the tips of your hair giving you a fuller and shinier result.

When bought for young children this brush pairs perfectly with our gorgeous facial cleansing brush capable of delivering soft and delicate styling without pulling any hairs.


When using on a baby ensure that you are extra careful: do not pull at any knots or tangles

Use the soft part of the comb angled to avoid digging into your baby’s head and lightly stroke from the base of their hair to the tip.

This will both promote strong and healthy hair growth as well as massaging your babies head.

If this brush is purchased for the use of an adult use as you would a regular comb.


Made from Natural Beechwood

Includes: 1 x Baby Comb Natural Beechwood 

Length 13cm