Goat Bristle Exfoliating Face Brush

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One of the founding brushes in our range, this gorgeous brush is part of the original Lilywoods range, using fine high-quality goat hairs this brush is ideal for both dry and wet exfoliation.The fine bristles help exfoliate by gently opening pores and removing grease and other dirt.

The olive wood handle is designed to be extremely comfortable to use as well as great to look at, matching the soft goat hair bristles perfectly.

Simply add a small amount of your favourite cleansing lotion to your face, or use the brush dry to clean your face removing dirt and oils from your pores.

Once finished, ensure you clean the brush running it slowly under a warm tap.


Use either dry or by applying with a small amount of lukewarm water

Add a small amount of your chosen cleanser/moisturizer to your face, alternatively add the lotion to your brush by first placing a small amount onto your palm and then lightly twisting the bristles against your palm.

Gently apply the soap onto your face and throat by massaging it with the brush in a circular motion

Don’t forget to rinse and dry carefully after each use.


Made using premium goat bristles and high quality olive wood
Includes: 1x Lilywoods facial cleansing brush
Length 15cm
Width 3cm

Customer Reviews

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Brianna Goodson
Not Very Happy With the Face Brush

The wooden handle was very beautiful but the brush itself had a strong foul odor and the bristles were falling out upon opening. They are too soft to do any kind of exfoliating. Unfortunately, the shipping took 12 days despite the item being located only two hours from my house.